Serving East Cobb

Serving East Cobb

Zoom and Groom is a premier mobile grooming service to the East Cobb area.

We offer complete pet grooming services in a self-contained, climate controlled unit at your home. You will always have the same groomer. Your pet will receive personal one-on-one attention. We groom dogs under 35 lbs.

Our Service Area

The map shows our approximate service area.  We are serving all of zip codes 30062, 30066, 30067, 30068, 30076 and 30328.  We are serving parts of ZIP codes 30075 and 30350.

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10 months ago
5 Weirdly Cool Reasons You Shouldn’t Shave Your Dog

Owners of double coated pets (dogs whose coat grows to a certain length and stops such as Pomeranians, Corgis, Retrievers, Shepherds, and Collies) are getting a double whammy about now:
- excessive ... See more

If you have a majestic Malamute or a puffball of a Pomeranian, shaving all that…

11 months ago
How and why hemp-based phytocannabinoids benefit pets

CBD for Pet Anxiety

Zoom and Groom is very happy to offer CBD oil to our customers for their pets. The use of CBD (cannabidiol) oil has become very popular in the grooming world. CBD is reported to ... See more

How and why hemp-based phytocannabinoids benefit pets No, it’s not pot for pets As more and more states legalize medical cannabis, there seems to be a growing sense of confusion about the ... See more

1 year ago
CoyoteVest Pet Body Armor

Most of the dogs I groom are small. Some of them are very small and their owners worry about a hawk picking them up, or a coyote. Here is a clever solution to that problem - Coyote Vest!

1 year ago
Year of the Dog: Fortune and Personality – Chinese Zodiac 2018

At last. The year of the Dog.

The Dog is the eleventh of all zodiac animals. Learn why Dogs are honest and loyal, the truest friends and most reliable partner you'll ever find.

1 year ago

Happy Valentine's Day!! Talk about romance! This is Hartley, my adorable BoShih client, on the ultimate romantic day - her mom and dad's wedding day. Here she is with her mom, dressed up and ready to ... See more

1 year ago
Animal Control Home

Find lost pets easier with new digital ID tags

Cobb County Public Safety Department staff has partnered with to offer digital identification tags to help increase the chances of finding ... See more

1 year ago
Brave mother dog finds abandoned human baby, acts quickly until help arrives -

Sometimes dogs are just downright amazing.

A dog sheltered a newborn baby abandoned by its 14-year-old mother in a field in rural Argentina until the boy

1 year ago
Animals in Predicaments

THIS is a great example of Creative Grooming. 😀🐶

strange horse

Predicament credit: Katrina's Pet Salon. IG @katrina_short

Zeus Zebrazoodle Dog

2 years ago
Timeline Photos

I love my job.

2 years ago
Timeline Photos

We love Blueberry Facials. They are part of every Zoom and Groom bath.

Zoom and Groom is a premier mobile grooming service to the East Cobb area.